The United States media is under attack with the allegations of biased coverage. At present, these claims spark when the two-party system in the country is becoming polarized, with accusations of left-leaning prejudices and right-leaning biases.

The news platform has recently been under the intense spotlight as analysts, politicians, and even some journalists blame it for discrimination and sensationalism. These claims have led to a series of ambiguous general statements about the supposed bias in media outlets. Analysts are more concerned about the matter, although different guardian organizations try to combat this kind of reporting and ungrounded accusations of bias.

For a long time, CNN News has been one of the dominant players in US media firms. This network’s political bias often raises questions among many viewers and media analysts worldwide. Is CNN Liberal or Conservative? Whether CNN may fairly be described as a liberal network and to assess its reporting and position by 2024.

Is CNN Liberal or Conservative

CNN’s History and Mission

Established in 1980, CNN intended to serve as a global news provider with a presence in different issue areas. The news channel strives to be non-partisan in its mission, but like all media entities, it also experiences difficulties in achieving the objective. It is authoritative to study editorial decisions and the newsroom dynamics to assess CNN’s political bias. It includes looking at the choice of stories, framing, and the variety of different viewpoints that it reports on.

Coverage of Political Events

News and commentary from CNN depend to a great extent on the role played by the personalities who deliver it. The views and backgrounds of anchors and commentators may shed light on how biased the network is. It is essential to assess CNN’s coverage of major political issues, elections, and policy matters. An assessment of the network’s reporting can reveal whether it exhibits a consistent liberal bias in portraying these subjects. Is CNN Liberal or Conservative? Moreover, the guests participate in CNN’s programming, and the formulation of panel discussions gives more information about the networks’ behavior. Balanced and fair views from different directions are the hallmark of journalism, and any deviation from this may indicate bias.

One should also investigate the public view of CNN’s political bias. These studies and surveys on viewers’ perceptions show that people believe the network leans left, a fact or not. It is essential to assess how CNN responds to claims of bias. A transparency pledge, remedy, and a readiness to attend to complaints may point to a sincere quest for journalistic integrity.

Perception of Liberal Bias / Is CNN Liberal or Conservative?

Some observers have argued that CNN has a liberal bias, but we will try here to find out if CNN is liberal or conservative. This perception of biased behavior is based on many factors, including:

CNN’s Coverage of Political Issues: CNN has been criticized for its partiality, giving some favors to Democrats and their agendas. For instance, a June 2016 study from the Shorenstein Center at Harvard found that “CNN was more likely to portray Democratic candidates and their causes favorably than Republican candidates and their causes.”

CNN’s Use of Language: The language used by CNN has also been criticized as biased. For example, according to Media Research Center 2018 studies, CNN is more likely to apply negative words for Republicans than Democrats.

CNN’s on-air Personalities: Individuals like Anderson Cooper and Don Lemon are among CNN’s top on-air personalities. However, they are mostly viewed as liberals, which may result in the perception that the network is biased.

Third-Party Accusations of Bias

In October 2019, Project Veritas released videos alleging bias against the former Republican President Donald Trump in the network transmission. In January 2020, CNN was accused of unfairness in the moderation of the 2020 presidential debate for Democratic candidates. Similarly, in 2021, CNN drew criticism for its coverage of the case as Governor Andrew Cuomo was widely accused of sexual harassment and covering up death rates related to the novel virus in nursing homes. A CNN prime-time TV host and brother of Andrew, Chris Cuomo, was accused of covering up his brother’s scandals by hosting him in his show in playful TV segments throughout the pandemic. It had such charges of avoiding Andrew’s criticisms.

The Demographics of CNN’s Audience in 2014

The 2014 Pew Research Center Report on “Where News Audiences Fit on the Political Spectrum” indicates that 44% of CNN’s audience leans toward the Left of center or to the Left. Thirteen percent of CNN’s viewers, compared to 38 percent of respondents, have conservative or right-leaning politics. Approximately 40% of CNN viewers have mixed or center-aligned political beliefs compared to 36% among all survey respondents. In other words, about 17 percent of the CNN audience has right or right-of-center political values as opposed to thirty-eight percent of the survey respondents.

CNN Response to Allegations About Bias

The news network responded to the allegations of being biased and argued that it gives impartial and fair coverage to all events. The network has also acknowledged covering all sides of politics, including the Republicans.

Media Bias is a Complex Issue

Media bias is a broad concept that cannot be defined or precisely measured. In addition, people may be biased toward a specific viewpoint that may have nothing to do with the media. People with a particular opinion may consider a news channel’s coverage biased because it contradicts their perspective. So, it depends on which side of the table you are sitting on. In the end, in finding the answer to whether CNN is liberal or Conservative, we concluded that one can’t label CNN News as a liberal or conservative channel.